Post twenty-seven.

Post twenty-seven.

Wow, what a ride!!

First off, my photos are now hosted in the Solomons Gallery for sale.  Regardless of whether you go check them out (I hope you do!) – check out my portfolio at and let me know if anything catches your eye.  We can have them professionally printed at our photo lab and mailed to you.  Glass, metal, canvas, and paper are the options that I’m currently offering for my prints.

Next:  As you already know, I had the opportunity to shoot this gorgeous couple on their wedding day – how awesome! You can check out their wedding’s album by visiting my portfolio.  I’ve built a video slideshow for the couple that you can check out.

Finally, and most recently, I was delighted to capture photos of this lovely couple for their maternity photo shoot.  Their album is also available in my portfolio.  How beautiful!

Anyway, that’s about all I have for now.  Don’t forget to LIKE and FOLLOW this blog for more!! Thanks for reading!




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