Weddings, Landscapes, Macros, and Websites

Post twenty-six.

Whew, what a ride!

This past week, I redesigned pieces of my website, procured a macro adapter, shot a going away party for a coworker, shot a wedding, and shot some landscapes.

I’ll not be posting the going-away-party photos as it was a private function, but here’s some of the macro test shots for fun:

I was reasonably impressed with this macro adapter.  Essentially, it’s a magnifying glass that screws onto the end of my expensive portrait lenses for the purpose of getting ultra close-up detail shots (e.g. wedding rings, baby toes/fingers etc). I don’t feel like spending a ton on a true macro lens since macro photography isn’t what I’m all about, however this will be good to have for those rare situations that I need one. Well, that worked…check!

Next was the wedding.  This was so much fun to shoot!  Here’s one photo, but out of respect for the couple, I won’t release the rest until the clients have had their private photo reveal.


During the wedding and reception, I shot using only prime lenses.  Over the four hours, I used my 35mm Sigma Art f/1.4, 50mm Nikkor f/1.8, and 85mm Nikkor f/1.8.  I find the increase in quality for using prime lenses is well worth the inconvenience of having to swap lenses every so often.

Finally, as recently as this evening, I had a blast getting out with Ashley and shooting some simple landscape and nature photos while on a stroll around town. Here are a few of them:





Anyway, that’s about all I have for now.  Check back in soon; I have a wedding to catch you up on soon!

Thanks for reading!





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