“Did I express my personality? I think that’s quite unimportant because it’s not people’s selves but what they have to say about life that’s important.”
– Paul Strand


Recent photo shoot with professional model Kristine, photos below!



















That’s all for today.   Thanks for reading!

Oh, but one last thing.  I bought another lens.

Shenandoah in March.

So there I am, sitting at my desk, and I notice it’s going to be cruddy weather all weekend. But hey, Thursday looks fantastic!!  Hmm, I wonder if I can take off?

I did.

Besides throwing my hip out of place, I had a grand time on this solo hike.  Er, hikes. 😉

Anyway, less words, more pictures. Here ‘ya go.


Look for it…









The following, final capture was of course my favorite, and naturally required the least amount of effort.  It’s the Governor Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge (aka RT 301) connecting MD and VA.  It was captured en route back from hiking. It’s pitch-black dark outside with a partial moon.


I’m interested to hear your thoughts on which of the waterfall photos is best.  I struggled picking one, which usually means a) I gave myself too many options, or b) none of them are “just right”.  Sometimes I struggle with composition, when the scene doesn’t quite present itself the way I’d like it to.

Anyway, that’s all for now.   Peace!

v/r, Ryan

Riverside landscapes

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”
– Destin Sparks

What’s that clickin’ noise?  Oh, that’s just Ryan.  He’s off taking photos again.

Something about this work just draws me in. I love it! A camera feels so natural in my hands. It’s an extension of my my senses and is the instrument for recording how I view the world.

I left work late yesterday and ran down to get some captures around sunset in a local recreational area. Not explicitly trying to get the sunset itself, but was actually wandering around, looking for inspiration.

I found it.  This beach scene, the moment I put eyes on it, I couldn’t look away.  I dropped to my knees in my dress clothes and lowered my tripod to its minimum height.  Working with 0.2s to 0.06s shutters and Vibration Reduction set to OFF, I was deliberately trying to work with a slow-ish shutter speed so to capture motion in the waves while not turning them into a complete fog.

Here’s the result:

Nikon D750 w/24-120mm f/4 @ 1/5 24mm f/11 iso100
Nikon D750 w/24-120mm f/4 @ 1/15 46mm f/4 iso100

Today after dinner, I ran over to the Solomons Island area with my lady, looking to get a capture from a specific, new vantage point I had previously scouted.  While setting up, I nabbed this one on the fishing pier just after sunset:

Nikon D750 w/50mm f/1.8G @ 1/50 50mm f/1.8 iso560

A bit later, I got (roughly) the capture I was looking for.  It’s not the perfect perspective, however.  If I can make it back there sometime when it’s not in the low 30’s with gusts to 30mph, I’ll try to retake it from what I believe would be a slightly better angle.  Still, not too shabby for what I had going this evening:

Nikon D750 w/14mm f/2.8 @ 30s 14mm f/2.8 iso100

As always, thanks for reading.